Express is Better than Unfinished!

What if the game ended at half-time? What if the movie cut-off in the middle? Those would be unfinished stories.

That is the very reason The Express Haggadah was created.

The developers streamlined the seder in order to carry on the custom of retelling the most beautiful story in Jewish tradition.

The Express Haggadah enables families to “get through it” before food comas and “shpilkes” cut the seder off in the middle.

A sleek and modern vehicle to deliver the oldest, most beautiful story in the world!

How Do I Order My
Express Haggadah?

There are several ways to order your Express Haggadah! You can click the 'Product Image'! You can select 'Quick View' by Clicking on the 'Eye Icon' at the top right of the product image! You can click the 'Product Title'! And finally, you can add the quantity you desire and click the 'Shopping Bag' icon!

Passover for the year 2021 starts on the evening of Saturday, March 27th, and ends the 8-day festival that ends at sunset on Sunday, April 4th!

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